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Insurance defense claims require a thoughtful approach to the intricate details that often arise. Rosen & Schneider offer over 40 years of experience in representing the interests of insureds and insurers, having been retained by both domestic and foreign insurers. 

The Firm's experience includes the defense of claims containing 

psychological injuries, 

A Thoughtful Approach To Insurance


relatively minor physical injuries, multiple deaths, serious personal injuries that arose out of a single accident, and extensive property damage.

The Firm recognizes that the relative rights of the insured and its insurer relative to a claim and to each other can vary from state to state and may depend in part on the provisions of the pertinent insurance policy and does its work accordingly.

Complex Coverage & Bad Faith Claims

The potential exposure to the insurer and insured in a complex coverage or bad faith claim can be extremely high. When such high exposure and complex issues are at risk, experience counts, and Rosen & Schneider offer it.

Coverage Issues

Insurance claims can involve the insured, a primary insurer, excess and reinsurers, third-party administrators, managing general agents, and insurance brokers. So many voices in a dispute require careful analysis. Rosen & Schneider strive to clearly identify and analyze all parties and adequately respond to such complex matters.

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