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A Small Firm Feel


Big Firm Experience.

Rosen & Schneider was founded by Steve Rosen and Tabatha Schneider.  The Firm was founded on the belief that great ideas and big experience are not limited to big law firms.  Our big firm experience includes having been entrusted with the representation of small and large manufacturers, airlines, maintenance facilities, and operators, as well as the interests of domestic and foreign insurers. 

The Firm’s experience includes cases that have required the defense of personal injury and multiple death claims ranging from minor to multi-million-dollar claims for many high-profile clients.  Despite Rosen & Schneider's big firm experience and expertise, we refuse to compromise the dedicated and focused service and attention customary of a small firm.  




Your Way.

Because nothing persuades as well as a story, a primary goal of Rosen & Schneider is to tell the client’s story.  From the very first day of representation forward, the story is the focus and is strengthened and enhanced as the case progresses.  Through its evolution, representation always revolves around the story, avoiding time consuming, and expensive for the client, detours into interesting, but in the end unimportant things.  

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Our Principles

Are Inflexible

Our Ideas Are Not.

Strive For Excellence

Each decision made is aimed at obtaining the best outcome for the client. This requires excellence in every aspect of representation. While it is often easier to settle on mediocre, Rosen & Schneider do not accept anything less than excellent.

Tell The Client's Story

The client's story is the guiding light in all litigation decisions. Aiming to keep this at the forefront of all decisions has proven to generate the best results for the client.

Lean Into Progress

To continue to thrive, progress must constantly be made. This is progress in cases and the way that cases are handled, progress in our skills and abilities as advocates, and progress in our thinking and understanding. Because progress is so vital, Rosen & Schneider aim to continue to progress in all that we do and how we conduct our firm.

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