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Product liability claims strike even the most vigilant and safety-conscious companies, and they can impact a company’s image and bottom line. When such serious consequences are at risk, a well-trained and serious law firm is needed to protect those interests. Rosen & Schneider fits that bill. The Firm offers decades of experience litigating complex product liability claims that require technical, engineering, and legal acuity.

Serious Product Liability Claims


A Serious Law Firm

To best meet the needs of the client, we call upon nationally known, as well as, local experts and litigation vendors, matching the relationships expected of a large law firm. Working with those experts and vendors, Rosen & Schneider recognizes the obligation to craft zealous litigation strategies that are aimed at resolving matters quickly when possible, but also to vigorously defend and tell the client’s story in a persuasive way that is easily ascertainable for a judge or jury.


Whether a case involves everyday household products, automobiles, or products for children, Rosen & Schneider offers representation for product designers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others in the supply chain. 

Machinery & Equipment

A product liability claim that involves industrial machinery or equipment often requires analysis of the smallest of details, whether of the product or its use. Rosen & Schneider aims to root out each of those details to piece together what a judge or jury needs to better understand the true causes of the accident. This detailed analysis often provides the best opportunity for a successful and cost-effective outcome.

Building Materials & Products

Claims involving design errors or material failures often involve multiple persons and parties. Understanding their relationships and their effects on a claimed failure is key to a successful outcome for the client and is exactly what Rosen & Schneider aggressively seek to bring to light.

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